beast would ingulf them and everything of beauty and wonder and joy and good in its cavernous and slime dripping maw. Without them, anarchy would reign and humanity would drop backward into the primitive night out of which it had so painfully emerged. The h. orrid picture of anarchy was held always before their child s eyes until they, in turn, obsessed by this cultivated fear, CCIE Service Provider held the picture of anarchy before the eyes of the children that followed them. This was the beast to be stamped upon, and the highest duty of the aristocrat was to stamp upon it. In short, they alone, by their unremitting toil and sacrifice, stood between weak humanity and the all devouring beast and they believed it, firmly believed it. I cannot lay too great Cisco Certification stress upon this. high ethical righteousness of the whole oligarch class. This has been the strength of the Iron Heel, and too many of the comrades have been slow or loath to realize it. Many of CCIE Service Provider it exam them have ascribed the strength of the Iron Heel to its system of reward and punishment. This is a mistake. Heaven and hell may be the prime factors of zeal in the religion of a fanatic but for the great majority of the religious, heaven and hell are incidental to right and wrong. Love of the right, desire for the right, u. nhappiness with anything less than the right in short, right conduct, is the p

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