which although he had eaten and drunk of them, were still unconsumed. The giant was pleased with the good cheer, and ate and drank to his heart s content. When he had finished his supper the man asked him if Magento it exam he could direct him to the castle of Stromberg. The giant said, I will look on my map on it are marked all the towns, villages, and houses. So he fetched his map, and looked for the castle, but could not find it. Never m.ind, he said, I Magento Certification have larger maps upstairs in the cupboard, we will look on those, but they searched in vain, for the castle was not marked even on these. The man now thought he should like to continue his journey, but the giant begged him to remain for a day or two Magento longer until the return of his brother, who was away in search of provisions. When the brother came home, they asked him about the castle of Stromberg, and he told them he would look on his own maps as soon as he had eaten and appeased his hunger. Accordingly, when he had finished his supper, they all went up together to his room

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M70-301 Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam Magento Magento Front End Developers